Bessemer Audiologist Hosts Hearing Technology Trial

February 27, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Bessemer, Ala. – In an effort to further the quality of their top of the line hearing devices, Bessemer Audiologist, Beltone USA, recently offered patients in their area the opportunity to participate in a trial of their Beltone Amaze™. Qualified participants will be fit with the Beltone Amaze™ hearing aid and expected to provide feedback on a number of the device’s features such as sound quality, comfort, and cosmetic appearance.

The Beltone Amaze™ is a state-of-the-art hearing aid in Bessemer designed to sit comfortably inside the wearer’s ear canal. This hearing aid is built on the latest and fastest micro-processing technology available and easily connects to the wearer’s mobile device and Beltone’s Direct Line Wireless Accessories. The trial offered qualified patients the opportunity to try the technology without an obligation to purchase but offers an exclusive rebate for participants who wish to continue using the technology at the conclusion of the trial.

In January of this year, The Beltone Amaze™ was awarded the 2020 BIG Innovation Award for Android Streaming Technology presented by the Business Intelligence Group. The prestigious award recognizes the Beltone Amaze™ for its breakthrough technology. For the first time, the hearing aid allows direct streaming of phone calls, music and other sounds directly into the device from devices that run on the Android operating system. Furthermore, the battery life of the hearing aid is extended by using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Previously, this direct streaming technology was limited to use by Apple devices only.

While the trial was only for the month of February, interested parties are encouraged to contact their local Beltone office to see if the Beltone Amaze™ is right for them. For more information about The Beltone Amaze™ or to learn more about technology trials offered by Beltone USA, visit or call their Bessemer office at (205) 267-4767.


For more information about Beltone USA Bessemer, contact the company here:

Beltone USA Bessemer
Trey Gorman
(205) 424-5330
3985 Parkwood Rd. SE. Ste. 113 Bessemer, AL 35022

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