Famela Ramos -- 53rd Congressional District Continues Surge

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Famela Ramos continues to gain momentum in her quest for the seat in the 53rd Congressional District.  A recent poll surprised many political observers that showed Ramos in third place in a fourteen candidate race. "I always knew we would gain support once our message got out," Ramos stated.

As a member of congress, Ramos will be a strong supporter of the military and veterans.  Her numerous endorsements include:

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Famela Ramos for Congress

Famela Ramos for Congress California's 53rd Congressional Distric

Retired Congressman Duncan L. Hunter Senator Joel Anderson Chairman of ResMed Dr. Peter Farrell San Diego Charger and Hall of Famer Wes Chandler East County Conservatives Chairman of BioRasi Dr. Boris Reznik

In 2019 Ramos founded the Right to Try Foundation to provide accelerated access to cutting edge medication to end stage patients.  She has published seven peer reviewed papers with leading corporate and academic institutions.  Currently, Ramos is Director of Business Development for the publicly traded Biotechnology Company Therapeutics Solutions International (TSOI).  A current board member of Silent Voices, a Pregnancy Resource Center, Ramos is committed to helping abortion-vulnerable woman and their families.

Ramos has pledged she will be an unbiased and principled voice for the constituents of the 53rd District.            www.famelaramosforcongress.com  @famelaRamos2020 

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Contact: John Hoy
Number: 619 630 5835

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