Meet the chairman and owner of fortel, a leading construction aid company in the united kingdom

At Fortel, the workforce is always given utmost importance. With constant improvements on the skills, knowledge and language training.

London, Feb 26, 2020 ( - Fortel is becoming a household name as the leading and largest human resources supply agency for construction companies in the entire United Kingdom. The firm has worked with over 50 construction companies, both government and private construction companies, including McLaren Construction, Balfour Beatty, Birse, Osborne, MOOG Aircraft Group and many more. 


"Fortel is committed to sustainable working conditions whether it is with technologies, workforce, materials or resources."


Fortel has been in existence for over 2 decades. It was established in 1998 by Shinda Nijjer, the current Chairman of the company, who has been working in the construction industry for the past twenty years, initially working as a labourer before taking the bold step to found Fortel. 


As the CEO of the company, ShindaNijjer was responsible for the early growth and development of Fortel. He worked actively to secure amazing relationships with different construction companies which were the most rapid clients of Fortel. Shinda, through his long time experience in the construction industry, mainly, as a labourer, was able to ensure the dedication and commitment of the workers to the success of both Fortel and the construction companies. 


ShindaNijjer became the Chairman of the company in 2009 and designated the office of the CEO to Sat Nijjer, a family member and major shareholder in Fortel. He has a bachelor degree in Information Technology and has served as the operations director of the company.


With this transition, Shinda Nijjer has been able to divide his time between overseeing the business and running a major corporate social responsibility program in the United Kingdom and India.


"Fortel transports bespoke pre-briefed and trained teams to the construction site to delivers high productivity with fewer resources."




Fortel is a legal compliance and accredited construction aid company based in the United Kingdom. It is established with the sole aim of supplying construction companies with well-trained and professional human resources for construction projects. It is currently one of the leading and largest labour supplier agency to construction companies in the entire United Kingdom. Her services cut across Road & Motorways, Rail, Retail, Defence, Commercial Power, Utilities, Hotel & Leisure, and other construction sectors. 


Fortel renders high volumes and a swift response across the whole spectrum of labour, trades and professions. Her workers are passionate about quality service and client satisfaction. They provide a professional and genuine commitment to quality on every project, no matter the size, market, or delivery method. 


Throughout 20 years of establishment, Fortel has developed three distinct operating models:


People - individuals and teams to work under your supervision.

Projects - delivering specific contracts for a pre-agreed price.

Process outsourcing - ongoing support for your labour requirements. 



For more information or enquiry, please visit or send a direct mail to 

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