MeowWiki Launches New, Cat Friendly Website Across the USA

February 26, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Menifee, California, based MeowWiki announced the launch of their brand new feline educational website, which helps cat owners seeking valuable information about specific cat breeds and important health conditions. MeowWiki is an advocate for rescue and the adoption of cats across the world, but they specifically reach USA feline owners. The founders have rescued over 75 pets (cats, dogs, bunnies, etc.), keeping most of them and finding indoor, loving homes for the others.

"Finding the best fit for a cat is one of the most important relationships a person can have in their lifetime. We know the trauma, abuse, health issues and even death outdoor cats go through every single day fighting just to survive, so it is vital people keep cats indoors only. They are very comfortable inside, but some people do not spend the time with their cat as they do a dog. Cats want just as much love as dogs. If you take the time to pet, brush and let them sit with you each day and hold them, you will feel a tremendous connection with your loyal companion in a short amount of time," says founder, Adrienne Jade.

One of the unique aspects of this responsive site built for mobile, tablets and desktop computer devices is they offer cat owners the ability to simply upload their feline's heartwarming story, along with their cat's name, breed, gender and age. Then the cat owner easily adds their pet's photo, video or both. MeowWiki then takes the story and adds it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for everyone to like, love, or share their amazing cat's journey. Other than adding the stories and images or videos to these social media platforms, they let the fans on each platform choose their favorite every month. The pet with the most likes or loves receives a VISA gift card directly from MeowWiki and they are featured on their site.

The beautiful layout currently discusses feline health conditions like cancer, diabetes and kidney disease. MeowWiki delves more in-depth into specific health conditions in terms of their causes, symptoms, and treatment methods. Although cancer diagnoses occur in up to 20 per cent of the feline population, there has been major breakthroughs in terms of treatment interventions and supplements. Diabetes, which is the inadequate absorption of glucose in the body, is another prevalent condition among cats discussed. It may be controlled through monitoring the diet and insulin supplements. Lastly, chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats often begins early in life with serious symptoms only arising with the onset of adulthood. Diverse, innovative treatments for these feline conditions are becoming more and more available to eager owners looking for hope.

Another facet of this MeowWiki’s site is that they offer help to owners by offering the chance to enter their current pet giveaways, which currently includes a Petco Gift card and Petsmart Gift card. When you tie in the educational aspect of feline health, specific breeds, sharing heartwarming stories and the chance to share the giveaway with friends, it is just an all-around well thought out site for cat lovers and owners. Check out their website for more information and have some feline fun.


For more information about MeowWiki, contact the company here:

Adrienne Jade
(858) 215-1661
30729 Golden Pond Place, Menifee, CA 92584

ReleaseID: 60034580

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