Promotional Gifts Store in Baytown, Texas Presents at Local School’s Career Fair

February 27, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Baytown, Tex. - Awards & Engraving recently presented to the students of St. Joseph Catholic School at their recent Career Fair. The Baytown awards shop was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to these young minds about the importance of their education and how they can one day use it to work at the job of their dreams.

The students at the local Career Fair came just as excited to learn about the many different career paths, they could pursue when they get older.

According to Michelle Bitterly from Awards and Engraving, “We shared the importance of education such as spelling, proper grammar and mathematics as it applies to real-life jobs.” The community-driven Awards and Engraving also noted, “The students ranged from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.”

Not only did they talk to them about education and the importance of it, the promotional gifts store in Baytown, Texas also showed the students how the subjects they are earning about could be used in real-world situations.

The ability to spell and write proficiently is important for many professions, which the company shared with the attendees of the Career Fair. For an awards store like Awards and Engraving, subjects like grammar and spelling are very important because of the countless designs for awards that incorporate names, titles, and other word applications.

Awards and Engraving hope that they made a positive and lasting impact on the Children at St. Joseph Catholic School.

For more information about Awards and Engraving, contact them today by phone at (281) 420-1299 or visit their website at


For more information about Awards & Engraving, contact the company here:

Awards & Engraving
Michelle Bitterly
(281) 420-1299
1214 Massey Tompkins Rd
Baytown,TX 77521

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