Thomas Olesen Updates 2017 Book Through Local SEO Blog Series

February 26, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Thomas Olesen, author of ‘Local Search Optimisation,’ which is still available on Amazon today, is pleased to announce that he will be updating the book via a series of online blog posts. “In 2017, I published a book called ‘Local Search Optimisation’ both in soft-cover and Kindle, available on Amazon,” says Olesen. “All books of this nature become dated and, concurrently, more useful content can be added as the author gains experience.”

Rather than write a new, updated version of his book, however, Olesen has decided to publish a blog exploring the latest changes in the world of local search optimisation. He has written the first few chapters of the update and is adding more at the rate of one per week. Upon completion, he intends to add more content by either updating the existing chapters or adding brand new ones. Through this project, Olesen intends to turn his website into a useful resource for local businesses that are interested in attracting prospective clients looking to buy from businesses like them.

The local search optimisation book, which was published in 2017, helps businesses stand out when customers look for the products or services that they supply. The book aims to teach businesses about local search engine optimisation, the practice of trying to get a particular business to appear more often (and rank higher) in relevant local keyword searches on search engines such as Google and Bing, whether or not they have a website. Considered a must-read for small business owners or people starting up in business, the book offers insight into the world of online marketing, drawing from the wealth of knowledge the author has acquired over the years.

Having spent over 30 years in the field of information technology, Thomas Olesen has been the co-founder and director of several IT-related businesses. Many of the projects he has worked on have been sold or publicly traded. He co-founded International Software in 1984, a company that fueled the growth of PC software sales from zero to £1 million per month within 18 months. In 1988, Thomas co-founded Symantec UK Ltd and doubled their UK sales within three years. He has held many other positions and helped many other companies and industries grow before opening his own online marketing consultancy service, MyLocal, which has helped many local businesses improve their online visibility.

MyLocal offers advice to businesses looking to build their online presence. The agency works with website designers to improve their clients' likelihood of being found on Google and other search engines. They also help their clients’ businesses look visually appealing wherever they may appear online, such as in business directories.

Olesen is one of the biggest names in the world of online marketing in Norfolk UK, and his consultancy, MyLocal, has come to be well known among local business owners. The company has been positively reviewed by a number of their clients on a number of platforms, including Google. “As a local tradesman, I didn't think I needed to be online as I didn't want the hassle of a website,” says a 5-Star review from Jonathan Leach, “Thomas explained to me that, if people are looking for a plumber online, they would be able to find me even if I didn't have a website—I had no idea! He helped set up my online presence and, now, I do get calls from people who would not otherwise know that I existed.”

Another review on the same platform, from Jane Thompson, states, “I am very grateful to Thomas for all his help with sorting out my website, Facebook and Twitter pages to maximize coverage for the business. My computer skills are limited, but he has remained cheerful and patient and dealt with all my queries promptly and efficiently, putting in place the basic structures and then explaining to me how to work the systems. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to others.”

Small businesses that are interested in expanding their online presence are likely to find what they are looking for in Olesen’s book as well as the updates he will be adding online. His consultancy, MyLocal, offers advice for businesses and other entities on optimizing for local search engine search results. Read more about Norfolk UK based MyLocal online at the agency’s website and other online resources.


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