Have You Heard of a Country With No Borders?

Nov 25, 2020

A Social Ecosystem For An Equitable Future

Tartu, Nov 26, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - CloverCountry.org announces its inaugural launch as a digital nation built for 100 million global citizens.

Its sole purpose is to democratize wealth and to empower the citizens to do good better; in Clover's social impact initiatives of humanitarian, environment, digital health, digital education, and charities.

Clover CLV is the official social impact currency (digital token) of Clover Country. Only Clover citizens can buy or own Clover CLV; and citizenship is free.

100 billion CLV are digitally-minted and will be distributed to Clover citizens in an equitable manner. Out of which, 80 billion CLV are earmarked as Clover Reserve Assets where 100% of the CLV sales proceeds will be deployed to buy physical gold, owned by Clover Trusts, for the benefit of Clover Country and its citizens.

Clover Trusts collectively act as the de facto central bank for Clover CLV, to ensure currency stability and the gradual appreciation of CLV as a store of value.

Clover Country is not a business or a business entity. Clover Country is a social ecosystem aiming to transform people's lives in an equitable future through technology, AI, and blockchain innovations.

The entire governance of Clover Country will be in the hands of its citizens. Every Clover citizen has an equitable say and the ability to make a social impact through voting rights on the blockchain. This is based on the number of Clover CLV they hold, how long they've been holding it, and a personal social reputation index derived from the tangible contributions that each citizen make
to Clover Country.
Every time a citizen buys CLV, Clover Country will donate up to 20% to the Social Impact
Initiatives of the citizen's choice.

Citizens can also buy and gift CLV to the five social impact initiatives of Clover Country, i.e. humanitarian, environment, digital healthcare, digital education and charities.

The demand and supply of CLV is self-regulated by 2 embedded conditions:
Firstly, there is a Lock-In Period of 3 months for Premium CLV and 12 months for Free CLV. Premium CLV are those that a citizen buys or earns. Free CLV are those that a citizen got rewarded as a bonus. During the lock-in period, a citizen cannot sell, transfer, or gift his/her CLV.
"The future of currency is Clover CLV."

Chief Patrick, Founder

Secondly, there is a default Quantum Restriction in Selling of 10% per month.
This means that after the Lock-In Period, only 10% of a citizen's CLV can be sold every month. It is optional, and a citizen can carry forward the 10% quota of a particular month to the following month(s).

Clover CLV aims to be the 21st-century store of value that is non-speculative and appreciates persistently for the benefit of Clover citizens. The buying and selling of CLV are quoted exclusively on Clover's own digital asset exchange. The CLV The marketplace operates under the license number FVR001060 with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

CLV/USD is currently trading above $1.1800. CLV/USD is projected to trade above $100.00 within ten years; powered by a proprietary algorithm based on the Fibonacci Number Sequence.

Anyone can help to change the look of the future - an equitable future.

By becoming a Clover Citizen via referral and be gifted $5 of Free CLV.
By introducing friends; so they become his/her Affiliates, perpetually. The friends will be gifted $5 of Free CLV, each, upon joining. The citizen gets rewarded with $5 of Free CLV for every Affiliate.

And earn Affiliate Commissions; every-time his/her Affiliates buy CLV.
10% Free CLV in the first year of the Affiliate joining
5% Free CLV in the second year and
2.5% Free CLV in the third year.

Everyone has the opportunity to improve his/her life with a universal passive income while helping others to live in clover.


The Clover Story: https://www.youtube.com/embed/R6ti_sb5N0k

Clover: Country With No Borders https://youtu.be/1Z_AcYBJ7w8

Clover: You Deserve More! https://youtu.be/5-KdzLjs7ko

Media Contact

Chief Patrick



Source :Clover Country

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